Selected Extracts From Independent Reviews

There is no better case for owning this book that can possibly be made than reading the words from real people who have read and reviewed it. All of the review-extracts below are from those who are independent and there has been no prior contact with anyone associated with this book prior to the book reviews with one noted exception. It is important to understand that these reviews are from real everyday people just trying to get ahead in life. At the risk of being excessive I am sharing selected quotes that I extracted from 15 reviews of the 16 that I received from those who read a pre-release version to give some evidence on how it has helped others.

Marley Murphy, Lakewood, Colorado

  • “I really, truly enjoyed The Book of Don!”
  • “Thanks to The Book of Don, I believe in myself and my potential.”
  • “This book has changed the way I view my career, my future and my concept of professional success.”
  • “Where there was once desperation, there is now drive and determination.”
  • “It’s a great reference for navigating business life with a lively splash of anecdote, humor, wisdom and personality.”
  • “A fabulous read for new students, new grads and anyone in search of practical, warm hearted career and life guidance.”
  • “The practical, applicable and humbling business principles author Donald Lewis shares will help put you in the driver seat on your path to true fulfillment.”

    Mikayla Rust, 20, Graphics Designer, Denver, Colorado

    • “Hello Mr. Lewis, I finished your book and I absolutely loved it!”
    • “This is one of the most useful self-help books I have come across in my life.”
    • “I read a lot of books of a similar genre but yours really stood out from the rest.”
    • “With easy to understand tips backed up by real life experiences, this book makes it simple to start implementing changes in your life.”
    • “No matter what field you work in, reading this will be a major game changer for you.”

    Tessa Rorie, 54, Homemaker, San Jose, California

    • “To start life again with your book how could anyone fail? Instead of just getting a job, maybe my life would have turned out differently if I had your book long ago?”
    • “Maybe because I’m not a youngster (I’m 54), this book makes me wish I was!”
    • “I am going to gift this book to my sons who are 19 and 24 – I think they are the perfect age for your book. In fact I think that it should be given to young adults during high school.”
    • “Thank you for making this book.”

    Anthony Ware, 43, Serial Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, California.

    • “Wow, this is one of the most comprehensive life manuals that I’ve read.”
    • “I liked that you have included very detailed tactics to go with the strategies.”

    Marcus J. Anthony, 28, Denver, Colorado

    • “Don’s eclectic range of experiences and passions give readers a jolt of optimism that many other self-help books fail to do.”
    • “Because this is not a linear book, it’s easy to pick up and read (or revisit) only the pertinent information without feeling guilty of skimming through.”
    • “Don’s 693 principles are universally applicable. They will be relevant whether you read it in 2018 or 2050.”
    • “The Book of Don is a timeless resource with infinite re-read value-truly a work of art you keep stored next to your bed.”

    Bryant Shirreffs, 23, Prior Quarterback for the University of Connecticut football team, Manchester, Connecticut.

    Authors note: I had a pre-established relationship with Bryant before his review and the principle, ‘Have a Little Chutzpah,’ was based on an experience with him when we first met. He asked to review the book.

    • “Without a doubt, every single principle in your book can add value to my life.”
    • “The lifelong contributions of wisdom you have invested into your book will benefit my life, the lives of current generation and the lives of many generations to come.”
    • “In my opinion, this collection of wisdom should be used regularly as a reference or roadmap on how to successfully live life to the fullest.”
    • “Personally, having a resource like this will strengthen principles I currently practice, teach me and open my mind up to principles I have not encountered and save me time, energy, heartache in the process.”
    • “As an avid reader, there are many books that have made an impact on the way I live and your book is up there with the best of them.”
    • “Not many people can recognize life as an evolving journey of knowledge through experience, let alone have the discipline to document it over the course of a lifetime.”
    • “Take pride in the fact that you are touching the life of every reader of your book, whether that is one thousand or one million.”

      Camille Georgiou, 22, Manchester, UK

      • “You inspire in a refreshing way that allows me to really believe that I can succeed by being driven, while simultaneously driving others.”
      • “I really think that you’ve developed a fantastic book, and I fully believe a lot of people will find it as inspiring as I did.”
      • “Honestly, I wish I’d come across this book sooner in my life.”
      • “I‘ve come across with a lot of pragmatic advice that I can utilize both in my education and later on in my career.”
      • “As a student of business, I found your book to be both insightful and motivational.”
      • “It’s full to brim with worthwhile, practical advice and dissimilar to most business-oriented books I’ve come across.”
      • “Each principle serves a purpose and each piece of advice comes from a place of sincerity and experience.”
      • “Be it students, people looking to progress in new or existing career, The Book of Don is a must-read and a book that should remain at hand at all times.”

      Luis del Ben, 24, Entrepreneur, Redwood City, California

      • “This book is phenomenal.”
      • “It has so much insight on tactics, tips, advice that will help others.”
      • “I took in a lot of knowledge from this read and I hope that other people with benefit from this knowledge as well.”
      • “It’s not a matter ‘if’ I recommend this book; I ‘WILL’ recommend this astounding book. “
      • “I want to thank the author for this astounding book and giving people the chance to be able to learn what he was taught.”
      • “I highly recommend this astounding book.”

      Clay Waithera, 25, Clothing designer, now traveling the world

      • “The book has an excellent collection of life lessons. What I love about this book is that everyone can get something out of it.”
      • “If I had one word to describe The book of Don, I would call it timeless.”

      Lofty Ngio, 24, Sales & Marketing Executive, Columbus, Georgia.

      • “The Book of Don is an inspiration. It will be my go to guide to self-actualization.”
      • “I loved the simplicity in explanations of hard-life lessons.” “Thank you for sharing your precious life experiences.”

      Kirsten Dorenkamp, Accountant, Chowchilla, California

      • “A great book to remind you how to stay focused, get ahead, but still love and enjoy life.”
      • “Donald Lewis has written a book which … quickly shows some real gems within its pages.”
      • “There are surprising takes on things which enhance the old pearls of wisdom.”

      Farshad Fallah, 29, Accounting Assistant, Los Altos, California.

      • “This book has some great principles and teachings that I could truly relate to … I look at them on a daily basis as a reminder.”
      • “Overall, this book is totally unlike any other self-help book.”

      Sharon Clay, 25, Houston, Texas.

      • “This book is a gold mine for anyone who is looking to be successful in their day-to-day lives.”
      • “The Book of Don is very well written and I can safely say that a lot of thought was put into writing this book.”

      Steven Azeez, 22, Yoaco Lautech Ogbomoso, Nigeria

      • “The Book of Don is an inspiring and powerful read and will encourage readers to look at life with positive principles, no matter what they are going through.”
      • “The author’s sufferings and life lessons becomes ours through the course of the book.”
      • “The book is an excellent guideline for business improvement and personal empowerment.”

      Star Ghanaat, Premed Student, Honors Program

      • “I honestly wish I had this book when I was starting out in college.”
      • “Most self-help books I’ve read are full of cliché fluff, but this keeps it real and gets straight to the point with real advice and real life examples.”
      • “Whether you’re just starting out or have everything, this is a necessary read for everyone.”