Donald Ernest Lewis has achieved significant personal and business success using the principles in this book. His life experience ranges from being a failed farm field-worker at the age of 11 to being the President, founder, and primary owner of a thriving company which grew from a startup to a company with approximately 100 employees over 18 years. He sold it and retired in 2010. In addition to his significant business success he has set multiple age-related world records in two diverse disciplines.

Personal Success

  • Set an age-related world record climbing Vinson Massif, the high point of Antarctica in 2006 as 1⁄2 of the oldest married couple to simultaneously summit together (age in combined years of 119).

  • Has won five season Class Championships on a motorcycle (for riders age 60+), from the world-renowned SCORE-International desert racing series in Baja, Mexico as the ‘Rider of Record.’ He is the oldest person to ever have achieved that and the first person east of the Mississippi to even have won a single class championships. Along the way he estimates that he has set a dozen other age-related records in that desert racing series. His last racing season ended in 2017 at the age of 74 with his fifth class championship.

    Business Success

  • Created a company that returned 42 to 1 to the investors over 18 years (11 times more to initial investors than Apple, Inc. in its first 18 years as a public company).*

  • Paid for his college education by working 84 hours a week on a river boat for four summers and selling landscaping products door- to-door.

    •Self-professes that his company became the best marketing company out of thousands of competitors in the U.S. in his target market of new trucking companies.

  • Was the largest investor and principle of a company that had a successful initial public offering on NASDAQ.

  • Became a corporate director of a publicly-held company.

  • Got a BSME from the University of Missouri and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

  • Was certified as a Professional Engineer in Connecticut.

    * Apple, Inc. returned a multiple of 3.81 to their original investors in its first 18 years after its IPO in Dec., 1980 based on a split-adjusted IPO price of $11 and a closing price of $42.13 on Jan. 4, 1999.