The Book of Don


I believe that this is one of the most useful self-help books you will ever read in your life.  

It is hyperbole for sure, but I believe it.  I believe it because it will give readers hundreds of tools, that when properly utilized, will improve their personal and business productivity significantly.  I believe it because of the heartfelt reviews that I have received from those who have read and reviewed a pre-release version of this book.  It will be life-changing for some readers.  I believe that it will provide powerful and useful tools for everyone from a street urchin in Mumbai tomorrow to a Fortune 50 CEO in Manhattan a thousand years from now.

This book has taken pretty much a lifetime to complete.

It has been a daunting task to create, find, and document the 693 principles that made the final cut.  It has been in process since 1966 when I started my first permanent full-time job out of college and I have been actively writing it since 1993.   

Who is this book for?

From one perspective this is the book that I really wish I had as I started by first real job.  While I don’t have a target market I am certain that it would be absolutely perfect for any recent high school or college graduate as he or she sets out on the grand voyage of life.  It is for everyone who believes that they want to do more in their personal and business lives.  It is for those who have an open mind about taking suggestions about how they can be more productive.  It is for those who want to work for a more productive and fulfilling life and are looking for guidance on how to do that.  

Your return on the investment of buying this book.

I respectfully submit that this book will give you the largest return on your investment that you will ever get in life.  I also believe that virtually everyone in the world, no matter what language or country, who owns and reads this book many times will earn a huge financial return over the course of his or her life.  I sincerely believe that many will earn millions of dollars throughout their lives because of it.  

Evidence that the principles work.

I have provided an ‘about the author’ section for your consideration and I believe that I have an unusual track record of success in both my personal and business lives.